Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Ideas as to how to attach and composition beads with my designs.

Ideas as to how to attach and composition beads with my designs.
As to who my designs would be aimed at, I think they fit the age category between 18-23 due to the colourful floral prints, and also the beading accessories contained. To get a understanding into this, I Asked a number of relatives and friends within this age group and the majority did say they would wear a number of the garments designed, and do work well as prints. Before starting the design process, I did ask a number of young girls as to what they like and would be happy to see within a garment. Many said a quite 'colourful' and 'quirky' colour scheme to the designs, also quite a bold, strong colour scheme taking place. Another request people said, was for the floral theme to have a contempory style to the prints, in which I took comments onboard when it came to the designs.
I’m pleased with the designs and illustrations I’ve created as I’ve actually learnt a lot doing these. Each time I’m learning new and more skills on Photoshop and I have realised it really is just about playing and experimenting- trail and error! As to how my project is sustainable, I suppose I have a number of reasons and ideas for this. Firstly, I would be printing designs onto net curtains as I said near to the beginning, as I do believe it would create a unusual print, and isn’t this what makes people want to keep certain clothes when it comes to fashion???!!!!
Also these would be recycled then re printed on. Another is the fact how many of my images have small elements/detailing contained which I aimed for. The reason for this is due to the fact how when designs have quite a small printed image, the pattern cutting can be placed in any direction and also not much fabric should be wasted for this. Also with each garment that would be sold, there is a mini packet of beads included, so customers can attach these in their own time, to any section of the prints contained. I do believe this would make the garment more sustainable as consumers will play a role in the making, and as for this reason they would keep it special to them as their work and effect has gone into it. There is also a second option to this. If customers don’t want to attach due to this being time consuming, then also on offer is an alternative, ready striped beads so they just tack areas to keep these attached and held down. It simply depends on the individual!!!!
After my designs, I then applied these onto garments to see how they would work as a printed fabric design. I think my designs look quite realisic and i think maybe they would work as garments if they was to be printed.